Welcome to Chat Health

Chat Health is a not-for-profit organization aimed at improving health literacy and uptake of preventative healthcare services through the applications of digital health and artificial intelligence.

Currently, we are building an SMS-based chatbot to answer questions about healthcare services offered on and off-campus for UMD students. However, understanding the urgency of COVID-19 and the importance of accurate information provision, we aim to provide resources and technological tools for users to stay healthy during this pandemic.


Free text and Telegram chatbot services answering questions ranging from COVID-19 prevention strategies to student support services.

Made for you

User friendly design targeted to provide timely resolution and provision of relevant CDC and WHO resources with each user interaction.

24/7 Assistance

Email backend staffed by University of Maryland public health students 24/7 in case our chatbots cannot provide tailored user assistance.

Made by students

Created by University of Maryland undergraduates with backgrounds in software development, bioinformatics, healthcare policy, and preventative medicine.